Did following Rich Habits actually change my life?

I have spent the last 30 days following the instruction of a self-help book called Rich Habits. This book promised to change my life by instructing me in the ways of the rich: because if you act like a rich person, you will become a rich person.

How did I get on? Did I become rich? Can it make you rich too?

The life-changing:

  • There is one thing from this book that has changed my life: setting daily, monthly and long-term goals, and reviewing these goals often. For your daily and monthly goals, focus on a few key things that are realistically do-able in the time-frame. Ensure that they build upon each other (i.e. do things daily that get you to your monthly goal, and monthly things should be chunks towards the long-term goals). Make them realistic enough to be achievable, and exciting enough that you want to do them.
  • I was doubtful about affirmations, but one thing has come true: my flat has been free of mice since I started saying ‘I do not have mice’. Whether they come back after I stop my affirmations, it remains to be seen.

The waffle:

  • I don’t care what the book says- you cannot reverse all of your bad habits and adopt 10 good new habits in 30 days. Even if you’re already nearly perfect as you are. *ahem*
  • Cheesy allegories make me want to vomit. However they are necessary to pad out a book if you really only have 20 pages of actual content.
  • One of the key messages of Rich Habits is that if you are poor or unsuccessful, it’s because you’re weak and lack discipline. I don’t think Thomas Corley has ever heard of structural inequality.
  • The only fun rich people ever seem to have, according to the book, is the pleasure that comes from life-long relationships. Whilst these are very important, I’d argue there is a place in life for entertainment, excess, frivolity and the odd takeaway.
  • I did not actually become rich. I can see how good habits can make you more successful in general. However they can only make you financially richer in 30 days if you are in a position to make money where you are. I made £72 on eBay and broke even on scratchcards and lottery tickets. If I owned my own business or got commission, perhaps it’d be a different story.
  • .. anyway, even if I did become rich, would it make me happy? After all, the billionaire creator of Minecraft has been made miserable by his riches…

Should you do this?

  • Save your money and just do the goal-setting, as described.

What next?

I’m going to investigate whether an extreme diet can change your life. Will I become healthier and happier? Can I actually live without Diet Coke and chocolate biscuits??

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