The Whole30, Week 2

If you are new to this blog, I’ve been road-testing the Whole30, a diet which promises to change your life. To catch up, find out what the Whole30 is and how I’ve done so far

Day 8: I felt amazing. I. FELT. AMAZING.

I went for a run and didn’t have to drag myself out of the door. I didn’t have to force myself through it. I even stretched and used the foam roller afterwards.

I blogged! I tried to change the DNS settings on my other website! I hoovered! I GOT SHIZ DONE!

If you are familiar with the Whole30 at all, you will have heard of their concept ‘tiger blood’ (stolen from Charlie Sheen). This is shorthand for feeling awesome, like the world is yours and everything is yours for the taking (because of your healthy diet; not because of illegal substances like Charlie Sheen). According to the Timeline this usually comes in around 16-17 days but for some reason I had started to feel it prematurely.


Day 9: I was still feeling good. So much so that I cycle to work. I’m normally too lazy to do this. Not the cycling part- that’s the easy bit- but I  often can’t be bothered because of all the packing and preparation you have to do beforehand so you can shower and make yourself presentable at work. I usually forget something essential. Like underwear.

Of course, I forgot something that day: a comb. But because of the Tiger Blood, I was entirely unfazed. Even when I found out that there was filming in the office and my awful hair would be immortalised on camera. Who cares when you feel this good?

That evening, I had put chicken cacciatore on the meal plan for tonight. I was still cooking at 9pm. This is the downside to Whole30: your late nights are not because you are having fun. They are because you are cooking, eating and washing up til the small hours. (the Chicken Cacciatore was DELICIOUS though).

Day 10. Still feeling good. I go for a run, get excited about the possibilities of life, and then spend some time plotting world domination. My first step: making my own mayonnaise from scratch. It worked. Next step: maybe world peace.

Highlight of my day: I made my own mayonnaise and IT WORKED!!! #whole30

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Day 11: Not much to report. Surely any day following Mayonnaise Day was bound to be dull by comparison.

Day 12: Cooking and eating everything from scratch has become the new normal. My fridge and freezer are full of Whole30-friendly meals. I’m spending less time in Morrisons. I also feel entirely normal. No weird hunger or cravings. I almost wish more weird stuff was going on so I had more to blog about.

Day 13: So far, my Whole30 had coincided with a pretty quiet time in my life – I’d been focusing on Sorting My Life Out which meant that having fun and seeing people had taken a back seat. This had been fairly convenient as I didn’t want  to worry about finding Whole30-friendly food in public. Also: I didn’t want to make other people go out of their way to accommodate my restrictive diet. I was happy cooking food that has no grains, gluten, dairy, soy or artificial flavourings but I thought it was too big an ask to make other people do it, just because I was taking a personal challenge.

Anyway, day 13 saw me going out for the first time for a family event to celebrate my partner’s dad’s birthday. By the way, my partner’s dad and his wife are great at food. I always come away from their house excellently well-fed. Thankfully, Whole30 did not get in the way of this  – we had a buffet and there was loads of salad, so my life was made really easy. However, I could only look longingly at these delicious things:



Ahh, carbs, sugar and dairy.

One of the things that has surprised me about Whole30 is that I was expecting it to be an epic battle: Kate VS Carbs. I mean, I had tried it before and caved in after a week or two.  This time, it felt easier. Much easier. For the first time, I could see myself actually getting to the end and achieving what I wanted from Whole30. And that felt good.

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