Becoming rich: Weeks 3 and 4

When I decided to follow the ‘Rich Habits’, I had to maintain a balance between scepticism and open-mindedness. I mean, get-rich-quick-scams are the most popular type of scam. Plus, how could affirmations, moderation and banning negative feelings actually make me rich?

Well, my doubts were put to bed on Week 3: On the Friday, I moved in to a seven bed, four bathroomed house in the Cotswolds. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Yew Tree Farmhouse



Admittedly, it was a holiday let, sharing with 15 of my friends. But STILL. If that isn’t the Rich Life than what is?

It wasn’t all about lifestyle – after putting some of my stuff on eBay, I became £72 richer. I know that it won’t get me very far in terms of buying a helicopter, but still – I’ve more than made a profit back from buying the book. Also, to be honest, if I hadn’t been following Rich Habits I’d left the stuff sitting in my wardrobe forever.

Holidays aren’t really a time for self-improvement, but I gave it a good go anyway: I brought my laptop with me and worked on career and blog stuff every day, and I brought some ‘improving’ reading with me and did some of that too. I was with friends, so ‘building lifelong relationships’ was covered. And I got paid and saved 10%. However, ‘moderation’ did not happen. A holiday without ice cream is no holiday at all.

Getting back from holiday at the end of Week 4 was depressing. Grimy Holloway is just not the same as the glorious Cotswolds. Whenever I leave my house, all I can see is endless newsagents. Despite my £72 windfall, I wasn’t exactly rich yet. When I left the house, I saw a sign: ‘Life changing games’. It’s the National Lottery. Could this be my last-ditch chance?

As soon as I got back to my laptop, I went to the Lottery website and loaded up with a ‘moderate’ £10 in credit. I spend £2 on a Euromillions ticket, £2 on a Lotto ticket, and £6 on scratchcard type games. I win £10 on the scratchcards, breaking even.

Friday night: No Euromillions win.

Saturday night… let’s see!

Next time: The summary: Can adopting Rich Habits ‘change your life’? What can you actually learn from a book full of cheesy allegorical stories? Did affirmations work in ridding my flat of mice? And.. will I win the lottery?


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